PCR Cycler

Find out why everyone is talking about the SuperCycler Trinity!

“Smaller footprint than most other machines in the market…”

“Faster, more accurate results”

“…really intuitive software…”

“More cost effective…”

“User-friendly, straight forward software with regular complimentary updates”.


Smaller… Faster… Lighter… Cheaper…And perhaps the most user friendly PCR cycler ever… ?

The SuperCycler User Interface and Software is what truly sets it aside from the masses and brings PCR machines to a new level. Browse some of the screen images below.

Why so Super?

The SuperCycler Trinity is a high performance block cycling system configured and optimised for Industry standard 200ul individual or strip tubes (domed or flat-capped) or 96-well plates (low or high skirt) with strip caps or adhesive film seals. Boasting a large 7inch colour touch screen the SuperCycler offers the most vibrant and flexible user interface of any standard block cycler on the market. Configuration and profile setup is now easy and intuitive and temperatures are vividly displayed in real time during the run. Exceptional performance, unparalleled user interface and highly competitive price is fast winning the SuperCycler Trinity winning market popularity!


Trinity Series Powerful Thermal Engine

At the heart of the Trinity series instrument  lies 3 fully independant sets of peltiers, temperature sensors and control electronics. This powerful and reliable thermal engine is capable of delivering high ramp rates in excess of 5C per second with our standard low thermal mass composite alloy block whilst maintaining a long peltier life and low well to well variation.

Three  configuration Trinity instruments are available:

  • Uniblock:  Single temperature zone.
  • Gradient*: Up to 24C thermal gradient across the block width.
  • TripleZone: Three physically independant blocks providing multiple temperature areas with minimal thermal interface between the zones in a standard 96 well plate format.

    Heated Lid Evaporation Control

    With a pressurised, heated lid design, air contained within tubes is hotter than the reaction volume. In turn, this causes any evaporation to condense back into the cooler reaction liquid.

    The heated lid design eliminates the need for an oil or wax condensation overlay.


    Compact Footprint

    Boasting a footprint of only 18×28.5x19cm (WxDxH), the SuperCycler Trinity is designed to save valuable bench space within the laboratory.

    Weighing in at just 5.5kg, this machine is also highly portable for the ever-changing laboratory environment.


    Touch Screen

    A  large,  7 inch, vivid color touch screen display allows for easy viewing of run monitoring and controls at your tip of your finger or stylus.


    USB Port

    A handy USB port allows for fast, easy file transfer, and also facilitates the direct use of a keyboard and mouse with the unit.


    Live Temperature Graphing

    So you can see, rather than guess, what’s going on under the lid.


    Exceptional PCR Performance

    Every time. No exceptions.


    Software Upgrades

    Free software upgrades for the life time of the product are available for all customers via our website.

    For full features and specifications please view the SuperCycler brochure. To get a feel for the software capabilities and features feel free to download the SuperCycler Software Walkthrough presentation.

    *denotes Gradient not available all regions.