Here’s what our Distributors are saying.


“The SuperCycler’s intuitive software and touch screen interface makes programming extremely simple. The instrument is a high-quality, cost effective solution for all labs performing conventional PCR.”

Dermot Cox

Celtic Molecular Diagnostics

“The SuperCycler is undoubtedly the best choice for my Chilean customers. It is not just a gradient thermal cycler, but also has the best thermal control, interface and size, all complemented by the best available price on the market. Some customers already know it and they love it.”

Francisco Santana

“We do really like the instrument. We have now tested in our service lab for about 2-3 months and obtained really confidence in the machine. It performs similar as the PE counter part.”

W. Mulder PhD
Managing Director
Genome Diagnostics BV .

“We tested the performance of the equipment and it is very impressive  and user-friendly. We have several customers who are very interested in purchasing Kyratec Super Cycler”.

Alfredo E De Ioannes

“It really is very compact and lovely. We appreciate your high efficiency and we believe your company will be a  success in PCR market in Japan. We strongly hope to introduce your SuperCycler to scientists in Japan …”

Zhibo Lu MD, PhD
Inter Medical Co., Ltd.